Thursday, 17 November 2011


I am absolutely shattered, but I am trying to make the effort to post so apologies if little sense is made!  My boss is on holiday for a month and he has kindly said I can use his room in the tattoo studio to work out of.  This means I am no longer stuck to tattooing one day a week and it also makes things much easier for my customers.  So far I have pretty much been tattooing every day which is awesome if not extremely tiring.  I never thought this would be an easy profession, but my eyes have really been opened to just how hard it is to work solidly.

I now have a few big pieces that I'm working on so seeing them progress is really fun.  I did some more work on the chest piece I started last week today, and really enjoyed it.  Lots of colour...which is my favourite thing to do!  Sorry about the pictures, forgot the camera so had to make do with Iphone.  This has really dulled down the colour and seems to flatten the tones, there's a real gradient in the reds and purples but it just doesn't show here..... ah well ( silly me) must remember camera......

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